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This in-facility information

  • ●Day trip plan

    • Lunch buffet

      Buffet restaurant "Yomigaeri no Sato" is open for lunch buffet.
      There is also a line of healthy dishes where you can also eat local pesticide free vegetables.
      Adult(s), 1,500 yen
      Elementary school-aged children, 900 yen
      Infants, 600 yen (3 years old or older)
      ※Every Tuesday is a regular holiday
      ※Those who take a bath in the public bath will receive an additional 300 yen
      ※Pre-booking is recommended as there may be reserved business
    • Dinner buffet

      The buffet restaurant "Yomigaeri no Sato" is open for dinner buffet.
      Until May 10, snow crab legs will be all-you-can-eat, and from May 11, Daisen chicken will be the main Daisen chicken.
      Adult 3,000 yen
      Elementary school students 2,100 yen
      Infant 1,500 yen(3 years old or older)
      ※The public bath can be bathed at no extra charge
      ※As there may be reserved business, please make a reservation in advance
    • Luncheon meal plan

      Toukouen also offers lunch reservations.
      We will prepare food for your purpose, such as a festive seat or a legal seat.
      Adult(s), 5,000 yen(Tax excluded), 6,000 yen(Tax excluded), ¥ 8,000(Tax excluded)~
      Children's lunch, 1,500 yen (Tax excluded)
      ※The public bath can be bathed at no extra charge
      ※Please make a reservation in advance as it may not be received depending on the daytime operation status.
    • Banquet hall cooking plan

      Toukouen also offers reservations for banquet dishes.
      Not only celebration seats, but also seats for entertaining guests can be prepared.
      Adult(s), 6,000 yen(Tax excluded), ¥ 8,000(Tax excluded), 10,000 yen(Tax excluded)~
      Children's lunch, 1,500 yen (Tax excluded)
      ※The public bath can be bathed at no extra charge
      ※You may not be able to receive it depending on the night's availability, so please make a reservation in advance
    • Morning buffet

      A buffet breakfast is Yomigaeri no Sato, with a morning buffet.
      Actually, I am also doing breakfast. Use for a healthy day's departure from morning.
      Adult(s), 1,350 yen
      Elementary school-aged children, 900 yen
      Infants, 600 yen (3 years old or older)
      ※Bathing in the public bath is available at an additional charge of ¥ 300
      ※We recommend that you make a reservation in advance, as some seats may not be available.
    • One day hot spring

      One day hot spring also goes in Toukouen.
      Kaike Onsen the hot spring of Minayu Kaike Onsen, where everyone is born, and relax.
      Adult(s), 1,000 yen
      Primary schoolchild or less, 500 yen
      0 to 2 years old, Free
      Time:11:00 to 21:00(20:30 Last admission)
      ※Every Tuesday and Wednesday is a cleaning day from 11:00 to 15:00, so you can not take a bath
      ※Please understand that the cleaning day may change when the house is full, such as New Year and Golden Week (Spring public holidays).
  • ●Event

    • "Toukouen Winter Thanksgiving Day" held!

      Thanks to everyone, this year we have been working happily for one year.
      We will hold “Toukouen Winter Thanksgiving Day” with gratitude.

      We were made to the annual Danshiro Tsuyuno Rakugo Show and a concert, please enjoy such as drum playing★

      【December 21(Saturday)】
      17:00 Danshiro Tsuyuno Rakugo Show Danshiro Tsuyuno(Advance sale 2000 yen, the day 2500 yen)
      20:00 An's tea concert(Free)

      【December 22(Sunday)】
      10:00 Danshiro Tsuyuno Rakugo Show(Advance sale 2000 yen, the day 2500 yen)
      12:00 Gospel Choir JVC Concert(Free)
      12:40 Gai Taiko Hibiki Children's Performance(Free)
      13:10 Gospel Choir JVC Concert(Free)

      The bathing fee is 500 yen only on the 21st and 22nd.
      Please relax and relax at the hot spring of this facility.★

      【Reservations / Inquiries】
      Toukouen 0859-34-1111 
    • This facility event★Beauty Festa vol.1

      Date and time: November 2, 2019(soil)From 11:00 to 18:00

      ★The theme this time is "Retreat"

      “Retreat” has the positive meaning of re-starting yourself by resetting your mind from your busy daily life such as work, home and relationships.
      Toukouen will propose exciting times that you can experience extraordinary in various retreats for you who work hard every day.

      ■Beauty Spa
      ■Accessories miscellaneous goods
      Various stores will open!

      Click on the image for information on participating stores and reservations, or visit this website.
    • Event outside the hall★Marine Athletic (Swimming in the Ocean)

      If it is said that it is Kaisei Kaike Onsen, sea bathing in summer.
      Toukouen beach is about 3 minutes on foot from Toukouen.
      As a summer centerpiece of such Kaike beaches, marine Athletic will come this year.
      Please use Kaike Onsen this summer.

      Opening period: July 7, 2019(Day)~ September 1 (Day)
      Usage fee: Main Athletic
      [Weekdays]1600 yen (Advance sale 1400 yen)
      [Saturday·Sunday·Congratulations]1800 yen(Advance sale)1600 yen
      [Bon (8 / 10-8 / 17)]2,000 yen (Advance sale 1800 yen)
      Kids Athletic[All day]300 yen (No advance sale)
    • Event outside the hall★Kaike Onsen summer vacation kids open space

      An event for kids will be held every night at the beach special venue.
      We will launch 200 to 300 mini fireworks every night after events such as the nostalgic lottery, the large lottery where the Kitaro Goods will be held, and the picture-story show.
      Please go to Kids Square after dinner at Toukouen.

      Opening period: July 19, 2019(Money)To August 25 (Day)
      Usage fee: 200 yen (Tax included)
      ※Only children can participate
      ※Please understand that the event may be canceled due to heavy rain or strong wind.
    • This facility event★Hot spring x E sports meet in Tottori

      E-sports that are popular all over the country recently. It will be held on the stage of Toukouen on July 20 (Saturday) this summer vacation. As people who want to participate are also looking for tours, please come to Toukouen this occasion. Various strong people are also visiting from the whole country.

      Opening period: July 20, 2019(soil)From 11:00 to 19:00
      Usage fee: Event participation, 500 yen including bathing
      【Event contents】
      Koto 7
      Sakai Street Fighter V Tournament
      Winning Eleven 2019 tournament
      Wild wilderness action tournament
      5CLASH, ROYALE, Puyo Puyo, Large scuffle smash Brothers SP exchange meeting
      6Little gaming party
      ※Participation entry application to special site in Tottori e sports association HP
    • This facility event★Rakugo Show that enjoys Japanese culture

      A Rakugo Show that is held at a pace once every three months. Experience Japanese traditional culture at Toukouen. Let's laugh a lot, let the heart and the body become healthy!
      ☆Next time···Planned September 2019
      ※We sell for advance ticket 2,000 yen, day ticket 2,500 yen
      ※We also offer special accommodation plan.
      ※We are waiting for your reservation by phone
    • This facility event★Jinro Game Party

      Jinro Game Party held once a month. Atmosphere of night is perfect for the game.
      ☆Next time···Scheduled for October 2019, From 18:30 to 22:00☆
      ※Yonago Prefectural Budokan plan in September
      ※Participation fee is 500 yen per person and you can play any game
      ※We have briefing sessions for beginners from 17:30 to 18:30, so feel free to join us
      ※Please make a reservation by phone
      ※Other participation, details, etc. are in charge: Please contact Ishio or Date. Only visits are welcome
    • This facility event★Calligraphy exhibition

      The “Food Education of Life Calligraphy Exhibition” is held once a year. The image is Dr. Bosen Fukuda, who writes a book with music in the Tokoen lobby.
      ※Once in a month, calligraphy classes are being held at Toukouen. Please inquire details such as participation
    • This facility event★wedding·reception

      There is a couple who will do wedding related events at Toukouen during warm time.
      It is also possible to use public ceremonies in the garden and weddings on the 7th floor with a beautiful view.
      ※Please inquire details
    • This facility event★Free Market

      A flea market that is regularly open. Many shops sell items of their shop using TOKOEN 's banquet hall.
      ※Please inquire details of opening / participating etc.
  • ●lobby·garden·Exterior appearance

    • Lobby Entrance

      We are setting a tasteful furniture with the villa's Japanese garden behind.
    • Lobby Entrance

      It is a refreshing space where natural light is inserted through the polished window.
    • Lobby Entrance

      If you take a step forward, there will be a 3,000 pyeong villa's Japanese garden in front of you.
    • Lobby at sunset

      Depending on how the sun is hit at that time of day, it has become a building that can make various ways of enjoying
    • Aerial corridor connecting main building Tendai and annex building

      If the weather is okay, Oyama looks beautiful.
    • The main building “Tendai” designed by Architect Kiyonori Kikutake, a leading Japanese architect

      Must see the magnificent exterior you looked at from the authentic Japanese garden!
    • Waterfall of the Japanese garden

      The flow of water in the Japanese garden is an important factor. There are many carp in the pond. Please walk around.
    • Aerial garden

      The aerial garden on the 4th floor is a space where you can enjoy architecture that clearly shows the structure of the building (pillars) of the architect Architect Kiyonori Kikutake. Anyone can take a walk.
    • Pond in the garden

      Koi is swimming in the pond and you can experience fish feeding etc.
    • View from the top floor of Toukouen

      To the right you can see the sacred Mt Daisen"Mt Daisen".
      It is also called “Hoki Fuji” because the scenery of Oyama seen from the west looks like Mt Fuji Hoki Fuji.
    • Dusky Japanese garden

      As you get closer at dusk, a fantastic lighted-up garden will show up.
    • Japanese garden at night

      The lighted-up night main building exudes a fantastic atmosphere while being modest lighting.
      The garden is as beautiful as reminiscent of a movie scene.
    • Exterior view of "Tendai" at night

      The main building of the light-up night brings forth a fantastic atmosphere.
  • ●Dining·shop·Secondary venue·Banquet rooms·hole·gallery

    • Japanese food restaurant "Sansei no Nami no Uta" entrance

    • Ryotei "Nami no Uta" One room example

      We can eat up to 6 people in the table chair.
    • Ryotei "Nami no Uta" A case of a private room

      Group meals on table chairs are also available.
    • 2nd Floor Great Ballroom "Between Oki-no-ma"

      Up to about 180 banquets are possible.
    • Buffet restaurant 'Yomigaeri no Sato

    • Lounge "Isaribi"

      Unlimited drinks for 90 minutes, unlimited singing alone is another 3,000 yen. (Reservation required.)
    • Karaoke Box (Natsumatsuri·Akimatsuri)

      It is 60 minutes 5,000 yen (tax excluded). You can stay in the room for up to 15 people.
    • lobby lounge

      Brown rice coffee etc. You can drink a good drink on your own self.
    • shop

      There is also a corner of Oyama and Sakaiminato. We also offer locally sourced Japanese sweets etc.
    • Wedding farm (Takasago-no-ma)

      You can also accept wedding ceremonies at Toukouen.
    • gallery

      Currently it is under exhibition of the main building "Tendai" certified as a Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.