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Beauty and health

We propose "beauty and health" that you can only experience in Toukouen

People do not think about health if they live normally, but if they become ill or if people around them become ill, they will first notice the importance of health.
Here at Toukouen, I will make a proposal for you to learn the habit of creating a body that does not become ill (it is difficult to become ill) from both the mind and the body.
To that end, we have prepared a variety of health related facilities and services, including bedrock baths.
It is good to stay for a little longer and rest, or for those who can only stay for a short stay, it is recommended that you visit before the check-in time and take a longer rest time.
I hope you will help me to have an exciting and enjoyable life.

Beauty and health activities

  • Yomigaeri Stone Sauna

    We have set the indoor temperature to about 43 ° C The bedrock bath is recommended for those who are particularly afflicted with cold.
    It is said that cold is the source of all disease, but warming up the body improves immunity, promotes metabolism and has a beautiful skin effect.
    It also improves detoxification effect, lymph flow and promotes metabolism.
    You can use as many times as you want while holding a break.

    Bedrock bath 1,300 yen(Tax included)
  • Sennin Sitting Bath

    In addition to the steam effect, the medicinal properties of wormwood and peach are especially recommended for women!
    Sennin Sitting Bath is highly praised by beauty and health otaku, and it brings out “beauty” and “healthy body” from the body.
    The coldness which is the source of all kinds of diseases.
    When the internal organs are cold, blood does not go around the end of limbs and it does not warm.
    It can be expected to improve coldness and women's troubles.
    Recommended for postpartum women!

    Sitz bath 3,300 yen(Tax included)
  • Oxygen capsule

    By using oxygen capsule, oxygen reaches every corner of the capillary, and metabolism improves.
    By raising the air pressure inside the capsule, we increase the oxygen concentration in the liquid blood up to 35%. By raise the concentration of oxygen in the blood, fatigue recovery effect increases and it becomes hard to get tired.
    In addition, oxygen capsules are often used by athletes because they speed up injuries.

    Oxygen capsule 30 minutes ¥2,000(Tax included) / 60 minutes ¥3,800(Tax included)
  • ALPHA OXI SPA(Alpha Oxy Spa)

    An aerobic exercise diet capsule developed to prevent and eliminate "stress", "obesity" and "aging".
    The ultimate anti-aging recreation machine with LED, vibration and heat.
    From the whole body LED light system and the combination of warm wind and vibration to diet and whitening!
    With the LED effect, the Alpha LED Light Spa can be expected to rejuvenate and improve your health.

    ALPHA OXI SPA 30 minutes 2,200 yen(Tax included)
  • Beauty style machine

    It is a chiropractic bed which can scan the characteristics of each person's body and can optimum acupressure while warming the body.
    Jade and tourmaline rollers and far infrared heat therapy are used to prepare the body tissue and regulate the flow of energy in the body.Recommended for those who are feeling back pain, stiff shoulders, and poor posture.
    "Good posture" is the number one point for women who feel youthful.
    Align the spine and pelvis for a healthy and beautiful body ...

    Beauty style machine 37 minutes ¥2,000(Tax included)
  • Sensenjutsu Therapy

    It is the Senjutsu Sensenjutsu Therapy corner that balances the blood, mind and water.
    We will lighten your symptoms such as cold, swollen, stiff shoulder, migraine which are your troubles with all-hand treatment. Reservation required

    Sensenjutsu Therapy (body care):3,000 yen/30 minutes / 5,800 yen/60 minutes(Tax included)
    Dry head spa treatment:2,500 yen/20 minutes(Tax included)
  • Mind massage

    You will have various experiences in the dark where the light is blocked.
    Hearing other than sight, touch, taste, sense of smell is sharpened and you can meet yourself different.
    In a dark space where you can experience a sense of liberation, why not let's you experience a "massage of mind" to relieve your mind.

    Mind massage, One time "approximately 90 minutes", 3,000 yen (Tax included)
  • Hot spring of Tokoen

    Toukouen has the only privately-owned alkaline spring in Kaike Onsen.
    Not only can you enjoy the alkaline spring in the inner bath, you can pull the alkaline spring up to the rising water, and you can actually experience the body becoming smooth by using it.
    If you wash your hair with this water, your hair will be different from usual.
    Please use the hot spring of Toko-en together with your beauty and health.