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Fishery of the Seafood Sakaiminato three major fishing ports in Japan, Mountain foot of Daisen of the Mountain vegetables Mountain foot of Daisen the Mountain foot of Daisen of Mountain foot of Daisen. Please enjoy the taste of San'in season.

Sanin here is a delicious village surrounded by rich nature, ahead of the sea in front of the eyes, a mountain behind. Various fresh taste is prepared for each season.
Especially from November to March, the Matsuba Crab is at its height as the direct shopping of Sakaiminato and Matsuba Crab is the largest landing in Japan. I will paint the table with beautiful eyes.
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  • Ryotei "Nami no Uta"

    Kaiseki cuisine is prepared on Nami no Uta second floor dining "Nami no Uta".
    You can enjoy your meal without worrying about the surrounding guests.