Because now!  Please see the following for a reasonable accommodation campaign.           "National Travel Support" will restart from January 10, 2023! Pre-orders are being accepted by phone and HP reservations!

★☆"National Travel Support" will restart from January 10th! ☆★

"National Travel Support" will restart after January 10th, but it is still not possible to apply for reservations depending on the travel agency.
Toukouen can still accept discounts for national travel support, so please make a reservation by phone or on our website!
When making a reservation, please write "National travel support request" in the remarks column.

Good Deal for Overnight Stay"National travel support campaign"

  • ★Nationwide travel support"Well crab Tottori discount campaign"★start

    usage period:January 10 (Tuesday) to June 30, 2023(Friday)
    "Welcani Tottori Tokudokuwari" is a nationwide campaign that offers discounts on accommodation in "Tottori Prefecture" and offers premium coupons to enjoy even more "great value".All accommodation plan at this facility are eligible for discounts!
    ※The following conditions must be met for the discount to apply:Please make sure to bring your own!
    ★Identity verification documents
    Driver's license,my number card,Health insurance card,Student ID etc.
    ※Verification documents are required for all users

About new coronavirus infectious disease preventive measures

  • Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection

    At this facility, we are taking the following measures as preventive measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases.
    1. 1. Disinfectants for fingers are installed at the entrance and various places in this facility.
    2. Please cooperate with the temperature measurement by the non-contact thermometer at the time of admission.
    3. All employees wear masks
    Four. Tasting at the shop is suspended
    Five. We are strengthening disinfection and sterilization cleaning of handrails, doorknobs, elevator buttons, etc.
    6. All employees are required to measure their body temperature before coming to work
    All employees will work on thorough health management and hygiene so that our customers can spend their time safely.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

About Toukouen

  • Kaike, about the resurrected story

    Here at Kaike Onsen Kaike Onsen, a soul that has become a bubble from "Inasa Beach" in Izumo, which is famous for the gods all over Japan coming together in the month of Shinto, flows into this beach, creating a new mind and body. There came to be popular as "everyone, reborn,"Kaike (Kaike)" from the legend that is resuscitation (revived = return from Hades).
    From this fact, as the land of resurrection, turning point of each and life Shinto ritual is known as off to a purification ceremony technique new starting the whole body soaked in hot water at Kaike


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3-17-7 Kaike Onsen, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

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About 15 minutes by taxi from JR Yonago Station, about 25 minutes by bus by bus, about 10 minutes by car from Yonago Expressway Yonago IC
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Video gallery

  • Introduction of the building of Tokoen

    The building of Tokoen was designed by architect Kiyonori Kikutake.
    The main building "Tendai", built in 1979, is a famous building that students from the university's architecture department visit for study. Relax in the facility, including the lobby.
  • Health menu introduction provided by Toukouen

    The concept of health is the concept of Tokoen.
    If people are not healthy, they will interfere with their work. Also, I can not go on a trip and I can not eat delicious food.
    Then I set up various health facilities to be healthier and enjoy life.
    Relax and enjoy a health menu that places importance on the body as well as the mind.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Reception time, From 8:00 to 21:00